Snow Day

This morning I set out at about 3:30 am to start shoveling. It's been dumping here since yesterday. And, though I stayed outside until about 6:30, I still couldn't get to work. It's serious enough that they actually just sent a bulldozer out to plow my road with a sander following it. Luckily, work told me to take the day off. A true snow day.

But, before I get to work hacking away at skateboards, I thought I'd share with you a few awesome things that recently caught my attention. A little too cool not to share.

MICROMACHINA by Scott Bain uses real taxidermy beetles and found objects to create some of the most fascinating art I've seen in a long time. Or maybe it's just that I have a thing for bugs.
Then, there's Hello Again Monsters which I learned about through Kill Taupe (one of my favorite artists). She also has an Etsy shop. Her vinyl monsters are insane and as a fan of all things monster and plush, they have been added to my "I need this" list. I also feel that it's important to note that you can play Pacman on her website, which nearly prevented the completion of this blog post.

I must now leave you to oooo and ahhhh before I am sucked back in again by the timelessly addicting Pacman.

Peace out,


Getting There

I suppose this blog entry isn't really for anyone, as much as it is for myself. After my injury in 2008 it was a long road to recovery. Over a year of physical and occupational therapy, a mixture of crutches and canes, and a few different doctors along the way. Because the injury was work related, you eventually reach what in the medical field is known as "medical end". This means that either you have completely recovered and no longer need the services or in my case, your recovery has plateaued. And while you may not have made a full recovery, a doctor, selected by the insurance company, makes the decision as to whether or not he or she feels you'd recover further from medical services.

A week or so after my long evaluation from that doctor I received a huge report in the mail with details about his point of view. This included his statement about my very small permanent disability (HA!) and another statement that there was a possibility for my knee to become weaker and worse off with time. How optimistic. You'd probably never notice unless you were closely inspecting the way I walk or comparing the size of my two legs that there's anything wrong. And, for the most part, I live my life as I did before the injury.

Still, my knee will buckle on occasion and doesn't respond well to quick movements like running and jumping. I've been able to push a little with my skateboard, enough to get a slow cruise going and I'm pretty happy with that. Last winter was my first strapping back into my snowboard. It's been pretty trying and frustrating to have to re-learn something I already had down cold. I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, but getting my leg to respond how I want it too has been a slow process. Snowboarding was work, hard work, and it was hard to see results, especially with my knee screaming the longer I stayed strapped in.

I scored some free tickets to the Snow Bowl in Middlebury this year, and yesterday, headed out with a friend not sure what to expect from "the little leg". Maybe it's having another year behind me, maybe it was the 10 inches we had gotten the night before, but yesterday was my best day on snow since the injury. Even though my leg won't quite respond how I want it too, I'm learning to ride with what it will give me. It's finally starting to feel fun again, really fun.

I know it's corny, but it's true. If there's something standing in your way of doing something, anything, don't give up. Be patient and keep at it. You'll get there.

Still getting there,




Yikes. It's been a long time since my last post. A very long time. Hey, I didn't say to go look and see when it was! My apologies for blatant neglect.

2010 finished out very well with two big shows The Queen City Craft Bazaar (which is currently accepting applications for the spring show) and The BCA Holiday Artist Market. They both confirmed that I feel ready to try to get into some big stuff this year. I'll be sure to post shows as I'm accepted to them. I also landed on the front page of Etsy twice within weeks of Christmas, sweet!

2011 has started off a little shaky, but only because of car trouble. My plaid covered friend that you've seen in posts past has now made it's way onto another stage in it's life. And, at 16, with almost 191,000 miles (though that's not much for a Volvo) and a long list of quirks and issues that need repair, I think it's for the best. It's especially nice to no longer need a Sharpie to start my car.

Yesterday the big bad snowstorm bludgeoned my neck of the woods with the most snow we've seen in a while. I took this picture of Oscar at about 4:30pm yesterday when there was a break in the snow. It has easily snowed another 8 inches since then. So with the new snow, hopefully this can be a new start to 2011 for me, new wheels, and a new extra job. Back on track for big things in 2011. You might be the last to know if you only stalk me here, so make sure to check Facebook or Twitter too :P

Keep it real spotted seal,



Around The Corner

I know, some of you are still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. But, the reality is that I can see snow on the mountains out my window, there's Christmas decorations in stores, and I just put my scraper back in the car. Yes, winter and the holidays are most definitely coming. In addition to working on some new items that I hope to roll out for the season, there are some things you should know.

Mark your calendars and be there! If you missed it this spring, do yourself a favor, DO NOT miss it again. The Holiday Edition of The Queen City Craft Bazaar. 1 Main St, Burlington Vermont on November 20 from 10-5. With over forty awesome local crafters, you can get ahead of the game and cross some gift recipients off your list with some very gnarly handmade items.

My favorite skateshop is now the exclusive retail carrier of COOB Originals, so if you haven't been in, go check it out. Watch some of the raddest local skaters and check out all Talent has to offer. And, no, you don't have to be a skater, your sheer appreciation is enough. 2069 Williston Rd, So. Burlington, VT.

Just in case you missed it, my hand-carved dunny was featured on the Kidrobot Kronikle last month. Who is Kidrobot? Only the company that created the dunny in the first place. Check it.

Until next time,



What's Good

Vermont's Seven Days annually published What's Good 2010-2011Burlington Off Campus Guide just hit the streets in the area. After hearing from friends that they spotted me in in the sweet full color publication I set out to see if I could get my hands on one. I did, plus one for Mom. It goes without saying that I'm in very good company sitting between two of my local favorites crotchet extraordinaire Erinn Simon and the styling screen printing duo of Tessa and Torrey Valyou of New Duds. If you haven't checked them out, GO, be gone with you!



In One Week...

You've been wondering what the heck I've been up to. Sometimes I have too. But, my friends, let me tell you... the things that will soon be unveiled will be unlike anything you have seen from me before. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed. All will be revealed in one week. You're gonna want to see this. Here's what you need to know:

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly; like Skateboards and Concrete. You can find my art on display at The 18th Annual South End Art Hop in Burlington Vermont September 10 and 11. So make sure to stop by Site 2: Red Concrete at 180 Flynn Ave.
I'll also be hanging out behind the Maltex building at 431 Pine Street selling some of my regular items on the 11th from 9-3. So come say hi!
And just to keep you in suspense, here are a few photos...

And no, these aren't necessarily shots of the finished pieces :P

Funny, that doesn't really look like a skateboard...

What the heck is that?! 32 skateboards can't be wrong.

The very fact that this actually came out well blows my mind. I think you'll feel the same.

Art Hop, do it! And for those of you a great distance away, don't fret. Photos of the completed pieces will be posted sometime after the hopping has begun.

Back to work!